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Meet the Owner


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I have had the wonderful experience of coming from an entrepreneurial family. My business education began very young working in several family businesses with my parents and siblings. I began to understand the record keeping principals that make a company run efficiently. I tailored my education to become proficient in accounting principles and began working extensively with QuickBooks Accounting Software. I have taken the basic accounting principles and the interworking of data entry into QuickBooks and created a very easy to follow training program to assist companies in accurate data entry.


Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with many companies both small and large and have provided them with tried and true filing systems as they struggled to create the perfect system for their needs. Working with each company’s individual preferences and internal needs I am able to create the perfect system that provides them with easy to implement filing practices that keep records maintained accurately. This further aids the process of maintaining accurate data entry into the accounting software. The combination allows each company to quickly, and accurately measure the pulse of the company’s financial health.


Established companies often have systems in place that do not meet their needs and make it difficult to provide for the quick and easy access to financials and documents from vendors as well as customers. The re-organization skills that PGM implements provides for the proper structure needed to accomplish quick and up-to-date access to the vital information needed to run an effective office. Paperwork can be overwhelming and fine-tuning the flow can make your staff and company run smoothly and reduce unnecessary stress in the office.


I have enjoyed working with many companies both locally and nationwide. I provide ongoing phone support as well as remote access support offering immediate assistance when any situation arises. Providing each company with the support needed allows for continued training of the staff as well as confidence in the data entered.


I look forward to helping you with your particular needs.


Penny McKnight

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