Machining Time Savers

In the first phase of our involvement we were very impressed with her organizational and leadership skills, and her rolling up her sleeves to just get the job done. Phase one consisted of organizing our complete company including everyone’s office and desk, the warehouse and our storage area. In addition, Penny’s moral fiber and integrity is of the highest quality. She was always there when she was needed and was very dependable.

Because of all these qualities, we had PGM Secretarial back for a phase two operation and at our request she dedicated her company’s time to us. Phase two consisted of writing company job descriptions and procedures, and cleaning up, researching and putting procedures in place for our Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Departments. Through this whole process Penny has become what I consider a close friend. I do not give recommendations very often, but Penny certainly deserves one. I would recommend PGM Secretarial and Office Consulting to any business that wishes to become more efficient, organized, and professional.

Donald P. Martin, President

“I do not give recommendations very often, but Penny certainly deserves one.” 

Thieme Construction and Thieme Telecommunications

Penny McKnight/PGM Office Consulting is a gift of accounting and expertise to our business! Penny brings abundance in her abilities and resources for our office accounting needs and is the “link” to our successful business systems! Her heart and her hands work together to provide the measures of accounting that bless our businesses! We are grateful to and for her BEYOND words! We highly recommend and endorse her services personally and professionally.

Jim and Stephanie Thieme 

Hour Glass & Mirror, Inc. 

Penny came to us Highly Recommended by our CPA.
Penny began helping us about 17 years ago. We were struggling trying to learn computers and the Quick Books bookkeeping. She came in and organized our entire office, trained our secretary/bookkeeper on the new bookkeeping system. She organized all of our paper files, desks, our entire office. Penny has been so helpful in all aspects of the business banking, taxes, invoices anything related to the office work. We have had Penny come back on many occasions to help reorganize and get us out of some tight spots in our business. She now comes in for regular maintenance of our bookkeeping. Considering Penny’s first concern is, as it should be, to get the work done and make sure things are running smoothly, making sure we will not have big problems in this difficult world, she is very pleasant to work with.
Thank you,
Greg Holgate

Adam Chiropractic

Penny McKnight,

Thank you so much! You're one of the best things that has happened to my practice. My only complaint is not having met you earlier. You came in and revolutionized the way I do business. You saved me a lot of time and therefore money. You gave me control and organization over my business that I've never imagined possible. I was literally stuck in the Flintstone age. I appreciate your kindness, your honesty and most of all your patience. Working with you has been a pleasure to say the least. You have exceeded all my expectations and are worth your weight in gold! Keep up the great work my friend!!


Dr. Elias S. Adam, D.C. 

Wild Birds Unlimited

Regarding organization: I've read the books and seen the experts on TV talk about organization but I could never make someone else's concepts work for me. Penny takes the time to understand my needs so the solutions are customized for my business. I can apply the methods because they make sense; I stick with them because they help me work more efficiently and feel much more in control of my business.

Regarding bookkeeping services: Penny's assistance was critical in helping me get a handle on my business finances. Most folks don't open their own business to spend their time in a cramped office wading through a sea of paper. I was overwhelmed trying to manage my bills and had no idea if my business was making a profit. Penny takes the time to understand every aspect of my business to ensure nothing is overlooked and she doesn't stop until the job's done. I appreciate that she teaches me too, letting me handle as much or as little as I'm comfortable with and she's always just a phone call away. No question or issue is too large, or too small for Penny. I only wish I found her sooner!

I could go on and on…
Valerie Sinex

Glenna McKeown Professional


I employed Penny to help me during a very difficult transition time in my life and career. She was extremely professional, organized and patient. I have called upon her several times since for assistance, a quick question, etc. She always gets back to me in a surprisingly short amount of time. I don’t know if I would have come through that difficult time as quickly without her assistance. She is pretty amazing.

Glenna McKeown 

Medical Device Enterprises, Inc.

When I started my company three years ago, I needed an accounting system. Having chosen to use QuickBooks, we realized that we were unprepared to fully implement and overlay it onto our specific business. We contracted Penny to come in and do our initial set up as well as train our staff. Within three months, she had our accounting and filing systems functional and accurate. She then served as an emergency resource for questions as they came up. Her response time was exceptional. I really consider her services an integral part of the success we have had at MDE.

Thomas H Lindsey, Owner/CEO 

MDR Flooring

PGM Secretarial was a great asset to our success; the company has a high level of integrity, organizational, accounting and consulting skills. It is our pleasure to recommend PGM Secretarial for all your secretarial needs.

Dave Abel, CEO 

Eastern Xpress, Inc.

I wanted to take a few moments out of my very busy day to tell you how extremely happy I am with the job you did in my office. Without getting too wordy, I would like to tell you that your personal work habits and demeanor was quite refreshing to me. Your ideas and organizational skills are well beyond what we could have done on our own, (we just don’t have the time). It seems that at first my staff thought this would create extra work to follow your systems, but now EVERYONE has said Penny’s systems work very well!

David Kohn, N. American Operations Manager 

Anaheim Hills Tile Supply

I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck!" Well that little ditty couldn't be any more spot on than when it comes to Penny with PGM Secretarial. There's a wonderful and very positive energy that surrounds Penny. My business has flourished with Penny's help and I've gained a fantastic friend in the process. Please feel free to call me anytime and I'll be happy to discuss the finer points of having PGM on your team.

Joe Ribble, Owner 

Secretarial & Office Consulting

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